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Episode 122 The Tradbow Cronies of Arizona

In this episode we sit down with our brothers of the bow from Arizona, Justin Thomsen and Zach Larsen. These guys are getting the trad guys and gals in Arizona together and are doing some great things. You will hear us talk in this episode about Arizona losing some bowhunting general seasons last year. Now is the time to help..please send an email to and tell them to use traditional archery as a management tool to save opportunity. Make sure to give these guys a follow on social media and tell them thanks for getting involved…enjoy!

Episode 115 Brian McConnell and Preston Taylor

In this episode James is joined by Brian McConnell and Preston Taylor in 2021 spring bear camp. They discuss cyber tracking trailing evaluation and the ins and outs of tracking animals. They also cover Preston Taylors new book, Tracking The American Black Bear, as well as sharing stories their adventures trailing bears through the Oregon jungle…. Enjoy!