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Episode 112 Jay St. Charles, Part 1

In this episode we talk with Jay St. Charles of Pacific Yew Longbows. Jay was raised in the family archery shop, and started following his dad around the woods at a very early age. Jay gives us a lesson on the history of bowhunting and tells some great stories along the way. Go check out Jays bows at

Episode 111 Marv Clyncke, Son Of The Longbow

In this episode we sit down with Marv Clyncke and talk about his new book Son Of The Longbow.  Marv has been bowhunting for 60 years and and has spent a lifetime promoting and protecting bowhunting. As always it was a pleasure to have Marv on, go over to and get your book. Enjoy!!

Episode 107 Blacktail Deer Biology with Dr. DeWaine Jackson

In this episode James and our good buddy Matt Starley are joined by Dr. DeWaine Jackson. Dr Jackson works for Odfw and shares a lot of good info on numerous blacktail deer studies he has been involved with. Lots of good info for you blacktail hunters.