Monthly Archives: February 2018

Episode 39 Jeff Lander of Primitive Outfitting

In this episode we talk with Jeff Lander. Jeff operates Primitive Outfitting in British Columbia and Alberta Canada. Jeff has been guiding and traditional bowhunting for a long time. We discuss traditional archery, the outfitting business, and todays new social media world. Enjoy

Episode 38 Surewood Shafts

In this episode we sit down with Steve, Bob, and Carson the owners of surewood shafts.  These guys are good friends of ours and they have been making some great arrow shafts for years! We talk wood arrows and Oregon archery history. Andy Ponce of addictive archery joins us for the intro and we draw the name for our arrow giveaway.  Enjoy

Episode 37 Yote Robertson Sheep Hunter

In this episode we get the pleasure of sitting down with Yote Robertson of Robertson Stykbow. Yote is an adventurer who moved to Alaska at a young age to hunt and guide in the last frontier.  Yote is a die hard sheep hunter and has taken 3 Dall Sheep with a longbow! You will enjoy this one!

Episode 36 Brian Morris Wild Hog Hunting California

In this Episode we talk about pig hunting in California with Brian Morris. Brian has killed over 100 pigs with a stick bow and he shares some tactics and great stories about hunting these beasts with a stick bow. If you were looking for something to do in the off season it sounds like pig hunting is it!!!!!!

Episode 35 Aron Snyder Alabama Whitetail


In this episode we sit down and talk with Aron Snyder. We had Aron on a couple episodes back with Ryan Avery and we had a blast getting to know both of them. In the short time since then Aron has decided to hunt with the traditional bow for the 2018 season. And in this episode we talk to him in his Alabama whitetail camp where he is already finding success with the stickbow.

Episode 34 Mark Penninger Kodiak Goat Hunt

if you have ever dreamed of hunting mountain goats with the stick bow then this episode is for you. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Mark Penninger and sharing his adventures on his Kodiak island goat hunt. Living up on the mountain, sleeping under a tarp in a bivy sack, and getting within spitting distance….this episode will inspire you to plan your next adventure!!!