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Episode 88 Traditional Archers of Nevada

In this episode we talk with Tom Huebner and Chris Jasmine of the Traditional Archers of Nevada. These guys got together with some of their buddies and started a traditional organization in Nevada!! They have put in a ton of work to help grow traditional archery in the state of Nevada. Go over to and get signed up to support them and make bowhunting better!! If you sign up in the next 6 months you will get entered to win a custom bow from poison dart bows.

Episode 87 Silvertip with Bob Windauer

In this episode we talk about the legend Paul Schafer with the man that wrote the book on him, Bob Windauer. Paul Schafer was a man bigger than life and this book lets us get to know him. We get to know Bob and his family that carry on the legendary Silvertip Bows and keep Paul with us by sharing his story!!….enjoy!!

Episode 86 Wacey Arthur Tradlife in Alberta

In this episode we sit down with Wacey Arthur of Alberta. We talk bowhunting social media, wolves moose etc. Wacedog as he is called up north was a blast to talk to and one heck of a bowhunter!! And if your ever up for a laugh check out his Instagram page…enjoy!!

Episode 85 Jim Willems Pope and Young Club

In this episode we sit down and talk with the Pope and Young Club president Jim Willems. We hit the hot topics in bowhunting such as technology and the future of bowhunting. We also talk some bowhunting as Jim is a very accomplished traditional bowhunter who had a season to remember last season!! Hope you guys and gals enjoy this one!!

Episode 84 Allen Clark The Adventurous Bowmen

In this episode we talk with Allen Clark. Allen has a goal of hunting every state with the stick bow and so far has hunted in 41. Allen shares a lot of good tips on researching new areas along with some good hunting stories. We had a great time getting to know Allen and I think you guys will too, he is a great bowhunter!!  Enjoy!!!

Episode 83 Mike Barrett The Mule Deer Hunter

In this episode we talk mule deer with the master Mike Barrett!! Mike is an absolutely incredible bowhunter!!! Mike has takes 37 P&Y class mule deer with a stickbow, along with 19 P&Y bull elk also! And the incredible part is Mike is a blue collar carpenter!! Mike is such an inspiration. You will love this interview, we tried to get some tips and learn from the master but you will see Mike is a very humble guy who just loves spending time in the field!! If its not hunting season he is still out there with his camera. Just keep walking he says:) Enjoy!!

Episode 81 DJ Zor Bowhunting Javelina and Coues Deer

In this episode we talk with our good buddy DJ Zor about bowhunting Javelina and Coues deer in the desert.  A great public land DIY hunt, Dj runs down the basics on how to go about your first Javelina adventure! And he shares some good stories along the way…enjoy!!

Episode 80 Bill McConnell, Primitive Bowhunting and Tracking

In this episode we talk to Bill McConnell of Bozeman Montana. Bill has been bowhunting with primitive equipment for 25 years. He runs a wilderness survival school and has spent an incredible amount of his life learning the lost art of bowhunting and tracking..enjoy!!!!