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Episode 112 Jay St. Charles, Part 1

In this episode we talk with Jay St. Charles of Pacific Yew Longbows. Jay was raised in the family archery shop, and started following his dad around the woods at a very early age. Jay gives us a lesson on the history of bowhunting and tells some great stories along the way. Go check out Jays bows at

Episode 90 Paul Medel aka Elk Nut on calling all bulls

Another golden nugget of great elk calling strategies from the one and only Elk Nut.  In this episode we keep it sort and sweet, we break down some of Paul’s proven tactics to call in early season bull elk no matter the situation. Don’t forget it’s never to late to get The Elk Nut app. and start learning the elk language.  I think you elk nuts are going to find this episode very useful in the elk woods this September, enjoy…..

Episode 85 Jim Willems Pope and Young Club

In this episode we sit down and talk with the Pope and Young Club president Jim Willems. We hit the hot topics in bowhunting such as technology and the future of bowhunting. We also talk some bowhunting as Jim is a very accomplished traditional bowhunter who had a season to remember last season!! Hope you guys and gals enjoy this one!!

Episode 70 Paul Brunner on 60 years of Elk Hunting

In this episode we sit down with one of the best elk hunters to carry a stick bow. Paul Brunner has been hunting elk with a bow for sixty years and is still hitting it hard every fall. This year alone he killed 3 bulls in 3 different states!!!! I don’t know many people who have taken 55+ elk with a stickbow!!! So listen up we talk all things bowhunting from then till now!!! Enjoy!!!