Monthly Archives: June 2018

Episode 56 Steve Byerly A Midwest Elk Hunter

In this episode we sat down with Steve Byerly at the Compton Traditional Rendezvous.  I just happened to meet Steve as he came by our booth and talked bowhunting. I quickly realized that this guy was a stud and I had to sit him down to tell some of his story.  A blue collar brick mason who loves to bow hunt and has taken over 100 big game animals including 3 of the sheep species, Mt goat, elk, whitetail and on and on.  Enjoy!

Episode 55 Barry Wensel and Mike Mitten, Brothers of the Bow

In this episode we got to sit down with Barry Wensel and Mike Mitten at the Compton Traditional Rendevous.  Legends of traditional bowhunting for sure they should not need an introduction. These guys are an absolute riot and we talked most things bowhunting…from solo hunting to whitetails and a little Paul Schafer in there too:) Both of them have new videos out so make sure to pick them up at and

Episode 54 Dave Couch, A Walk in the Woods

In this episode we talk with Compton Traditional Bowhunters archives chairman Dave Couch. Dave is a hunting fool so of course we talk some bowhunting! We also get into the organization he is passionate about and what the Compton archives are all about. Dave Hewitt joins us for the intro and we go over the events for next weeks Compton Rendezvous in Michigan. Enjoy