Monthly Archives: January 2022

Episode 124 Blacktail Hunting with Matt Starley

In this episode we sit down with our good buddy Matt Starley and talk about bowhunting the blacktail deer. We tell some stories and talk about different tactics. Hunting Pacific Northwest Blacktail deer is a tough endeavor and Matt, James and Bob share some stories…..enjoy

Episode 123 Travis Hobbs, Putting The Hunt Back in Hunting-Utah Trail Cam Ban

In this episode we sit down and have a great discussion with Travis Hobbs about the recent Utah Trail Cam Ban. We talk about  benefits of the less technology more opportunity approach to the future of hunting out west. Travis Hunts with all weapons and its great to hear his perspective and share some common goals for the future. We also give TAO president and owner of Archery Past Riley Savage a little surprise call in the intro to get the scoop on his recent trad hunt and the upcoming Western States Traditional Rendezvous….enjoy!!!