Monthly Archives: January 2018

Episode 33 Aron Snyder and Ryan Avery

In this episode we got to talk with Ryan Avery of Rokslide and Aron Snyder of Kifaru. We talk elk hunting in the jungle of north Idaho, the difference between the compound and traditional archery, and we talk gear. These guys are gear junkies and spend 100s of days a year in the field. So we pick their brains on rain gear, base layers, shelters etc.

Episode 32 Echo Archery and Addictive Archery

In this episode we sit down with Andy Ponce of Addictive Archery and Carson Brown of Echo Archery. We talk self bows, wood arrows, and of course tell a few hunting stories. Be sure to listen till the end for our wood arrow giveaway. Also check out the podcast on the Addictive Archery you tube channel.

Episode 31 The Push/Tradquest party cast

In this episode we sit down with Matt and Tim of the Push podcast. We get into why we both started a podcast in 2017, why we choose traditional archery and a lot of other b.s.  Matt and Tim are great guys and we enjoyed getting to know them.  Check out there podcast and youtube channel.

Episode 30 Benji Hill on Nutrition, Exercise, Pack Goats

In this episode we sit down with Benji Hill. I had the pleasure to share a camp with Benji this last fall and talked him into coming on the podcast to discuss some healthy living for the new year to keep us hunting the mountains well into out later years. We also dive into primitive archery and pack goats, and of course bowhunting.