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Episode 103 Paul Medel the ElkNut on finding elk

Its almost elk season!!!! We sit down with the ElkNut and talk about finding elk. If you haven’t listened to our other episodes with the ElkNut go back and freshen up on your calling, and go online and get yourself the ElkNut app. Tons of good info…..enjoy!!

Episode 98 DIY Alaskan Adventure with Carson Brown and Mike Harris

In this episode we sit down with our good buddy Carson Brown of surewood shafts and Mike Harris. They had an epic adventure this year in the wilds of Alaska.  If any of you have ever been wanting to go on a DIY moose hunt you better listen to this one!! These guys had a wild adventure…enjoy!!

Episode 97 Jim Willems and Brian Koelzer

In this episode we sit down with pope and young president Jim Willems and longtime pope and young member Brian Koelzer. We talk about the upcoming release of pope and young’s new traditional only record book. We also talk some mule deer and the future of bowhunting and opportunities for more days afield. Enjoy!!