Episode 32 Echo Archery and Addictive Archery

In this episode we sit down with Andy Ponce of Addictive Archery and Carson Brown of Echo Archery. We talk self bows, wood arrows, and of course tell a few hunting stories. Be sure to listen till the end for our wood arrow giveaway. Also check out the podcast on the Addictive Archery you tube channel.

4 thoughts on “Episode 32 Echo Archery and Addictive Archery

  1. I am new to traditional archery. Your podcasts are great. Interesting discussion in episode 32 on custom wood arrows and the accuracy obtained when properly fitted. Keep it up.

    1. Great info. I’m a big fan of surewood shafts. I appreciate all y’all do to get and keep people interested in primative archery!

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