Episode 21 Dick Robertson

In this Episode we talk with Dick Robertson of Robertson Stykbow. Dick has been building bows for close to 40 years and has hunted around the world. We talk self bows, bowhunting and the changes in technology over the years and the impact it is having on our bow seasons. Dick is a great guy as you can tell from this interview and has helped many on their tradquest.

One thought on “Episode 21 Dick Robertson

  1. This was one of the best traditional interviews that I ever listened too. The hunting stories, as expected, were interesting and exciting. Dick’s description of his Dall Sheep hunt and his amazing shot is, if nothing else, makes it worth your time.

    Dick truly has a passion for traditional archery hunting. Dick’s love for traditional archery and the traditional community, as a whole, is only surpassed by his love for his family. His family stories added a personal perspective that make you feel as though you were sitting across the room talking to your best friend. He knows that the glory of the pre-arrow-launcher (i.e. compound) days will never return, but he challenges us to keep the traditional spirit alive.

    Dick’s bows are handcrafted works of art, so it was surprising to hear that Dick’s first love is the self-bow. He states the self-bow has “soul”, however I suspect that there is a little bit of soul in each of his handcrafted bows.

    Although bow-making is his business, and livelihood, Dick is willing to share his knowledge with others. When he started bow-making that there were few people to draw from and many of bowyers were tight-lipped. Dick, on the other hand, is willing to share his expertise because, as he states: “I can’t make everyone’s bow.”

    It was great to hear that Yote shares his dad’s bow-crafting passion and that Robertson Stykbow will continue for at least another generation. Dick is looking forward to the day that Yote takes over the bow-building business so he can concentrate on things he really enjoys, like designing a new three-piece takedown bow modeled after the Wolfer.

    Good Hunting,
    Ross McCollum

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