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Episode 81 DJ Zor Bowhunting Javelina and Coues Deer

In this episode we talk with our good buddy DJ Zor about bowhunting Javelina and Coues deer in the desert.  A great public land DIY hunt, Dj runs down the basics on how to go about your first Javelina adventure! And he shares some good stories along the way…enjoy!!

Episode 80 Bill McConnell, Primitive Bowhunting and Tracking

In this episode we talk to Bill McConnell of Bozeman Montana. Bill has been bowhunting with primitive equipment for 25 years. He runs a wilderness survival school and has spent an incredible amount of his life learning the lost art of bowhunting and tracking..enjoy!!!!

Episode 77 Matt Webb Bowhunting Down Under

In this episode we talk with the man from down under Matt Webb. We talk about bowhunting opportunities in Australia along with some good shooting tips and of course some good stories . Matt is a wealth of knowledge and hunts year round so listen up!! check out his you tube videos at Matt Webbs Wild Harvest. Also look him up on Facebook or Instagram and check out the wool bush vests he makes!! enjoy!!

Episode 76 Bow and Arrow set-ups for 2018 season

In this episode we talk about our bow and arrow setups for the 2018 season and how they have changed over the years. We talk bows, arrows, feathers and all things involved in each of our set-ups. Along with some theories that may or may not be correct!! Enjoy!!

Episode 75 G. Fred Asbell on Instinctive Bowhunting

In this episode we talk with the bowhunting legend G. Fred Asbell.  He should need no introduction, the man who wrote the books on instinctive shooting and stalking and still hunting.  Fred is a great guy and an amazing bowhunter, we had a great conversation and we are honored to have him on the podcast!!! Enjoy!!

Episode 73 Tom Huebner Spot and Stalk Moose and Mule Deer

In this episode we talk with Tom Huebner about some spot and stalk bowhunting. Tom has been shooting a bow since he was a little guy and grew up in a bowhunting family.  A lot of little tips in here so listen up!! He had an incredible season in 2018 so we recap his mule deer and moose hunt…enjoy!!

Episode 72 Brian Morris Bucks,Bulls and Mentorship

In this episode we talk with Brian Morris Blacktail Bows pro-athlete:) We talk about Brians season stalking blacktail and mule deer as well as some Nevada elk. Brian is a great guy who spends a lot of time mentoring new and young hunters in the field…enjoy!!