Episode 44 Emory Ronald Backpacking 2000 miles on PCT

Episode 44 we talk backpacking with Emory Ronald of the By Land Podcast. Last year Emory set out on an epic adventure taking 6 months off work to hike the pacific crest trail from Mexico to Canada. Emory is also a hunter and we talk about the lessons learned from so much time on the trail, and how to relate those to hunting. Emory is also new to traditional archery so of course we talk about his tradquest, check him out at By Land Podcast.

4 thoughts on “Episode 44 Emory Ronald Backpacking 2000 miles on PCT

  1. Awesome podcast! I learned a lot and also realized how much extra gear I pack into the field. I also want in on the giveaway! I have only ever shot recurves and would love to start shooting longbows.

  2. Awesome interview, you guys don’t disappoint with interviewing your guests. Nice that you have giveaway every once in a while. I just think it is great how you inspire me to get out and do more!

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