4 thoughts on “Episode 25 Deer Season re-cap

  1. Listened to the pod cast this evening on the way home from work. You mentioned that you had a challenge with the seat portion of your lonewolf hand climber. Specifically that the seat would fall when you stood if it was bumped. You should have recieved two nylon straps with the stand. The straps connect the platform with the seat and are adjustable to always keep tension on the seat. You simply girth hitch the female buckles to the front sides of the seat, and likewise the male ends to the platform. They also work great to strap on additional clothing to the stand when packing into and out of the woods.

  2. Great pod cast. Makes my commute much easier. You mentioned that you are having a small issue with the seat falling when bumped on your Lonewolf hand climber. There should be a couple of nylon straps that connect the platform with the seat. They are adjustable so tension can be applied to the seat keeping it in place. The female ends are girth hitched the front sides of the seat and the male ends likewise to the platform. They work great to strap your extra clothes to when paking into and out of the woods.

  3. Nice listening to hunting stories after forfeiting my season due to taking care of my Mom. But man, listening to all the stuff that goes through your head James…?. I think a lot of shooting can develop bad habits. It is better to shoot less good shots than a bunch of half-hearted or “less than” shots which produce poor results. But I’m glad you seem to have found a way out of that.
    I’m with ya Bob. Be in the moment.
    Thanks again for the listen. Your podcast and a couple of others have helped me get through this season. Looking ahead to ‘18.

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