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Episode 28 Marvin Clyncke Colorado’s Big 8

In this episode we talk with Marvin Clyncke. Marv has been bowhunting 50+ years and was Colorado’s first hunter to harvest their “big 8” with rifle or bow. He has taken all the sheep besides the desert sheep and is a high country mule deer hunter. We also talk about his moose hunt from this year.  It is impossible to cover all his accomplishments in traditional archery in just one episode, so he will be back on to talk more hunting!

Episode 27 Doug Borland Backpack Sheep and Goat hunting

In this episode we talk with Doug Borland on sheep and goat hunting. Doug has been traditional bowhunting for 50 years and were not talking about hunting out in the back forty for whitetails. Were talking getting dropped in a bush plane and then backpacking 25 miles to where you start hunting!!!! And he has been doing it since the 1970s. He is also the founder of the Alaska Bowhunters Association, Past president of the PBS, and started Moose John Outfitters with Jay Massey in the 1970s. We get to hear some of his amazing sheep and goat adventures and we get some tips on what it takes to backpack to such extremes! we know you guys will enjoy and we plan on getting Doug back on, there is so much to learn from him!!!

Episode 26 Mark Baker Whitetail Hunting Montana


In this episode we had the pleasure of having Mark Baker back on to talk about whitetails.  We talk ground tactics along with tree stand hunting.  Mark also talks about how he makes the shot. We also got to use some of Marks great music to open top the podcast, hope everyone enjoys.

Episode 24 Bert Frelink Alberta Mule Deer and Mountain Goat

Episode 24 we talk to Bert Frelink of Alberta Canada. Bert owns quarter moon bows and spends a lot of time in the field hunting with self bows and laminated bows. We talk grizzly bears, mountain goat and mule deer.  We also talk about the changes in mule deer seasons in Alberta due to increased harvest rates in archery seasons.

Episode 21 Dick Robertson

In this Episode we talk with Dick Robertson of Robertson Stykbow. Dick has been building bows for close to 40 years and has hunted around the world. We talk self bows, bowhunting and the changes in technology over the years and the impact it is having on our bow seasons. Dick is a great guy as you can tell from this interview and has helped many on their tradquest.

Episode 18 Jim Akenson Wilderness Mule Deer

In this episode we had the pleasure of sitting down with Jim Akenson. Jim has spent 7003 days living in the wilderness of Idaho. We talk about life in the backcountry and of course bowhunting. Jim has an incredible tactic I’m sure most guys have never heard of for getting in close to rutting muleys…enjoy

Episode 17 Jason Samkowiak talking mobile tree stand hunting

In this episode we had the pleasure of talking to Jason Samkowiak. Jason is a hardcore whitetail hunter from northern Michigan who gets it done on public land in multiple states every year. In this episode we discuss tree stand hunting and the benefits of being mobile over having pre-set stands. Jason also runs the traditional bowhunting and wilderness podcast, so go check out all his episodes!